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About Us

We are My Pearly Skin, a small but motivated company in San Francisco, CA specializing in skin enhancing products. 

The founders have always been interested in skin lightening and correcting pigment discoloration to reveal glowing, even skin. However, finding safe, natural, and effective products completely produced here in the United States proved impossible. We started My Pearly Skin to provide everyone with easy access to safe products they can trust; products that are produced the US, cruelty-free, and FDA certified. We believe passionately in the pursuit of beauty, excellent service, and always putting people first. We hope this is reflected in our products and services.

So please talk to us about your needs! Tell us if there is a specific product or result you are looking for. Provide us with any and all questions or suggestions. We are here to listen to all requests. Don't be shy, fill out the form below or email us at